Services We Provide 

Strategic consulting

Figuring out the right mix of digital products is an often opaque and difficult process. We work with your campaign to develop plans that allow us to maximize your digital reach and efficiency across a number of platforms. 

Direct placement and buying on exchanges

Once we have worked with you to identify the correct media mix for your audience, we undertake the buying and execution of the campaign ourselves.  

1:1 Audience targeted placement

We work with major voter targeting vendors in order to serve your advertisements at the individual level. We are not wedded to any one ideology like cookie targeting vs. IP targeting. They all have their uses and we utilize all forms of online 1:1 voter contact in order to surround your target with your campaign's message. Whether it's your campaign's premier TV ad, or banner advertisements that pepper a voter to turn out to vote, making sure that you target the voters you want is paramount. 


Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest can all be used as important tools in voter contact. The trick is in setting appropriate bid strategies, identifying whether a CPM or CPC price calculation is more effective, and designing creative that is easily optimized through testing. We do it all, and provide you with the insights needed to give directional knowledge to the rest of your campaign. 


Search Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a great way to make sure your message is appearing at the top of relevant search results on Google and Yahoo! (seriously, Yahoo! is a great way to reach older voters). We create keyword lists, relevant ad copy, and then direct users to your campaign website. 


Premium Video Placement

Sometimes the best video on the internet can't be purchased at the 1:1 level. Platforms like Hulu and Youtube can be incredibly effective, but require purchase at the ZIP code level. We work with your team to identify ZIP codes that will over index against your target audience and reserve inventory on these premium platforms.  


Native Advertising

Have you ever gone to a website and seen "sponsored content" at the end or side of the page? Maybe it was offering to show you a slideshow of famous celebrity kids all grown up. That type of annoying clickbait is called Native Advertising, and it's wildly effective. We can place this fast growing type of inventory for your campaign, and it's nestled right next to other news content on sites like CNN. 


Creative Services

Yosemite can help your team in a number of ways:

  • Produce advertising creative in-house, we can work with you on messaging and craft compelling banner, Facebook, and native advertisements. 
  • Training on best practices, maybe you have a superstar designer on your staff already, we can work with you to identify the different styles and needs of each medium, whether it's presenting about the difference between video best used on Facebook vs. Hulu, or what types of GOTV messages resonate best on banners, we've got you. 
  • ...Nothin!, maybe you know exactly what you want and have it produced. We can be your strategic buyers and placement experts, not unlike a TV buyer, and deploy your advertising creative across all our platforms. 


Email and website management

Keeping up with an email program can be a time consuming, but vitally necessary activity for your campaign. We can set up, manage, and run your campaign's email program and ensure that it works in harmony with the advertising campaign.