Our Team

Bill Gordon

CEO and Founding Partner
Bill Gordon serves as the CEO and founding partner for Yosemite Consulting and its subsidiaries. Born and raised in New York City and based in Southern California, Bill has been at the forefront of political and advocacy focused digital strategy and advertising for more than 14 years. He has worked at or for party committees, electoral and issue advocacy campaigns, consulting firms, and nonprofits over his career with a focus on innovating new methods of reaching and engaging audiences.

Andrea Ambrosia

SVP, Campaigns
Andrea Ambrosia is the Senior Vice President of Campaigns at Yosemite Consulting. A native Chicagoan, she is currently based in Nashville, TN. Prior to joining Yosemite, Andrea spent over a decade working in the music industry, most recently as a music booking agent. She now leads Yosemite’s Account Management department, with a focus on running California campaigns for Yosemite.

Blas Lezcano

Digital Producer
Blas Lezcano is a Digital Producer at Yosemite Consulting where he focuses on new technology development and operations management. A Native New Yorker, Blas has prior experience in operational roles for both government agencies and private businesses in New York City, where he is currently based.

Bundev Sawhney

Digital Advertising Associate
Bundev Sawhney has served as a business advertising associate for Yosemite Consulting since June of 2021. Having grown up in Evanston, Illinois, Bundev remained in the area to graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science and a sociology minor at Northwestern University. His passion for politics and global affairs have brought him into extensive work with political campaigns, immigrant assistance programs and learning several languages.

Christopher King

Business Development Associate
Christopher is the Business Development Associate at Yosemite Consulting and joined the team in 2022. A Chicago native, Christopher has been in touch with the several different communities in the city. He has interests in civil and human rights as well as local and state politics. He has worked for several companies and nonprofits where he gained an array of experiences and knowledge. He also has a passion for geology and loves that our firm is named Yosemite Consulting.

Ian Killgore

Director, Technology Solutions
Ian Killgore is the Director of Technology Solutions at Yosemite Consulting. A native of Providence, Rhode Island and based in Los Angeles, California, Ian has over seven years of experience in digital advertising, having worked for large brands such as Unilever, L’Oreal, FedEx and NFL. Ian now focuses on driving electoral success via digital channels such as programmatic, paid social and search.

James Folsom

VP, Client Strategy
James Folsom III is the Vice President of Client Strategy for Yosemite Consulting. He is based in Nashville, TN where he works to grow Yosemite’s client portfolio, manage existing accounts, and craft effective innovative digital strategies for Yosemite’s diverse clientele. Folsom is constantly working to identify and nurture new accounts and business verticals within politics and digital public affairs.

James was born and raised in Alabama and has worked on Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot. Folsom began his career in the digital arena working with some of the top media consultants in the country and has since directed millions in ad spend for progressive campaigns and public interest campaigns. Folsom received his B.A. from Bard College and his Juris Doctor from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law with a certificate in Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. He was admitted to the Alabama State Bar in 2017.

John Tuy

John Tuy is the CFO for Yosemite Consulting. He oversees the accounting and financial operations for Yosemite. Prior to joining Yosemite he worked at PwC with experience in multiple industries including sports entertainment, banking, technology, and healthcare. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for leading highly effective accounting and auditing teams, while driving automation and process improvements.

Laura Orozco

Digital Advertising Associate
Laura serves as a Digital Advertising Associate for Yosemite Consulting. An immigrant from Colombia, she currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and a certificate in Women and Gender Studies. Laura’s passions include helping others, technology, health & wellness and gender rights. She focuses on the Advertising Operations branch of Yosemite helping execute programmatic campaigns.

Liam Wood

Digital Advertising Associate
Liam serves as a Digital Advertising Associate for Yosemite Consulting. A Eugene, Oregon native, he earned his Bachelor’s degree In Advertising and Business Administration from the University of Oregon. His interest in politics and passion for Digital Advertising led him to join the Yosemite team as a member of the Advertising Operations team.

Mariah Mayo

Associate Account Manager
Mariah Mayo serves as an Account Executive for Yosemite Consulting. Born, raised, and currently based in Chicago, Mariah is a recent graduate of Spelman College with degrees in Political Science and Spanish. After five years of success in the realms of law, public relations, and digital marketing, Mariah now focuses on playing an integral role in the success of campaigns targeted to help communities through advocacy and advertising.

Rachell Mosquera

Senior Account Executive
Rachell is the Senior Account Executive at Yosemite Consulting and joined the team back in 2020 shortly after the company was founded. A New York native, Rachell has spent her life studying and working in and around the city. She has a deep passion for public policy and political campaigning. She has worked at several nonprofits and advocacy-based companies where she grew more interested in digital advertising in relation to electoral politics and the strategies behind growing movements and campaigns.

Riley Rivara

Associate Account Manager
Riley Rivara serves as the Associate Account Manager at Yosemite Consulting. A native of Illinois and currently based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication from University of Central Florida. Riley dedicates her career to building successful advertising campaigns that surround political elections, health policies and key social movements.

Tanner Jeffers

Executive Operations Manager
Tanner Jeffers serves as the Executive Operations Manager at Yosemite Consulting. Although he was raised in Oklahoma, Tanner now considers Los Angeles home. With over a decade of administrative experience, Tanner provides high-level managerial support to the C Suite and is the liaison for all external and internal communications. Tanner implements and assists in operating policies and procedures to ensure continued improvement at Yosemite Consulting.

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Setting up Programmatic Guarantees

Guaranteed access to premium inventory utilizing database targeting inputs to reach your target audience.

Political Competitives Tracking

In-depth insights into electoral and issue campaign and SuperPAC ad spending across Broadcast, Cable, and Digital. Complete with access to the spots themselves and text transcripts.

Terrestrial radio, linear and cable TV, out-of-home (OOH and DOOH) advertising

Beyond the Internet, we’ll plan and place a complementary media mix to reach your targets, including traditional radio and TV ads as well as out-of-home and digital-out-of-home visual advertising.

Non-English language consultation and placement

No matter how your targets consume information, we want to reach them where they are. Our team works to strategically integrate non-English language placements. Experience in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Khmer, Korean, Hmong, and Vietnamese, and English-speaking Native American and Black and African American community advertising.


Best-in-class reporting dashboard and analytics

We’re pulling back the curtain on persuasion advertising and showing you exactly how your resources are being spent — and how it’s working — on a custom dashboard.

Voterfile and Commercial File Targeting

Go beyond demographics and target exactly who you need to talk to, on a 1:1 basis. We work with voterfile and commercial file distributors to match offline voterfile records onto online device IDs in a privacy compliant manner.

Geographic and Contextual Placement

If you want to target someone based on where they live, where they go, or what they’re interested in, we can develop the right targeting strategy for you.

Direct to Publication Placement

We work with local and independent, as well as national media publishers to get your creative placed in the right mix of sites, channels, and apps.

Social Media and SMS Ad Placement

Whether it’s Facebook and Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, or SMS and iMessage, we’ll place your content directly in the feeds and inboxes of your target audience.

Commercial Competitives Tracking

Keep your ads close and your competitors’ ads closer. We’ll track everything there is to know about your market competitors: how much they’re spending, on what platforms, and through what creative.

Programmatic Media Placement

We are experts at delivering campaigns using Demand Side Platforms, leveraging relevant data and tapping into a large pool of inventory available via our Exchange and PMP relationships. We handle your complex setup, optimization, delivery and reporting needs when you need to place complex buys outside of social media platforms, at scale.

Data Lab

Yosemite has partnered with a range of pollsters to run experiments and dig deeper into the crucial question in persuasion advertising: have you moved the needle?

Media Planning

Changing hearts and minds starts with clear and thoughtful planning. Our expert media planners work with your team to develop the most strategic and effective mix of ad placements to reach the right audience with the right message. Sometimes this means weighting a budget more towards display advertising for GOTV, or Connected Television for a persuasion campaign. Often you’ll need to run multiple tactics in-market at once — we’ll help you figure out who gets what, when, and how much. 

Audience Research

We know your targets inside and out. Using Targetsmart, PDI, Comscore, Neilson, Resonate, Semcasting and other platforms, our team builds audience personas and conducts broad analysis on who exactly you need to be talking to in order to hit your goals. Diversifying = optimizing.

Media Planning

Changing hearts and minds starts with clear and thoughtful planning. Our expert media planners work with your team to develop the most strategic and effective mix of ad placements to reach the right audience with the right message. Sometimes this means weighting a budget more towards display advertising for GOTV, or Connected Television for a persuasion campaign. Often you’ll need to run multiple tactics in-market at once — we’ll help you figure out who gets what, when, and how much.